Poliana offers various workshops, such as iconography and woodcarving for adults, and creative writing for children. These lessons take place over a period of 2-3 months, depending on the workshop, and are 2-hour weekly classes.  The result is a unique tangible creation for the student to take home.
The iconography workshop is taught by a specialist in the Macedonian technique, where the icon is drawn and painted in layers on stretched canvas. The procedure is less rigid than the strict Byzantine technique set on wood, which means the icon is painted in a more free manner, with material that is easily available. The result is a work of art ready to be framed. Students from ages 16 years and up are welcome.

Woodcarving is a long lived tradition on Lesvos and the teacher comes from such a well renowned  family .The woodcarving workshop is aimed at beginners who will learn its history and techniques. First you get acquainted with the use of the tools enabling you to proceed to trial carvings on different kinds of wood. This workshop allows the student to create a piece of art not only decorative, but also practical, such as a mirror frame, or a wooden box. The lessons are for ages 16 years old and up. 

The creative writing workshop is aimed at children ages 8 years old and up. It’s a great educational way to build up their self esteem through different exercises in expression and  interaction. The lessons are a combination of creating an original storybook by conversation , writing and illustration. The students are guided to think up an original story which they write in their own words, and illustrate .The pages are then put together and the student has an original book of their own to take home.