els maes

I was born in 1956 in the south of Holland.
 In 1978 I graduated from the Social Academy in Breda, Holland. Afterwards I continued my studies at the university of Nijmegen, Holland, in anthropology, and I was especially interested in themes about women emancipation in different cultures. I finished in 1985 with field research about the women’s agricultural cooperative in Petra, Lesvos. After my studies I settled down in Lesvos (married with a Greek man and have 2 children).
Most of the years that I have lived on Lesvos, I worked in tourism; for many years I was  a hostess for several tour operators and I guided excursions all over the island.
During one of these years I organized programs for children and walking tours for a German company.
The last 3 years I mainly guide walks on different parts of the island.
Meanwhile Lesvos has become my home, I love the island, the rhythm of life of people here, the music, dance, food and nature; It is my pleasure to share this love for Lesvos with you.