art lessons for children

Ages 6-16 years
The lessons are an introduction to the exciting world of art.
Children are specially endowed with imagination, and a sense of creativity. Artistic activities allow them to express themselves in ways that words cannot. This sense of accomplishment gives the child self-confidence, and a feeling of general well-being, thus helping the child in their emotional and psychological development.
The student is taught the basics in art such as drawing, color, perspective and composition. The lessons are 2 hours in length, and include introductions to famous artists, art streams ,art history ,as well as familiarity with different media: pencil, gouache, colored pencil, pastel, and collage. The classes are arranged according to age and the lessons always center on a certain theme. When needed, visual aids are used in form of photos or small videos.
The lessons take place at our workshop.
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday